Open Plasma Science (OPS) is a peer-reviewed journal launched in 2024 publishing articles in English. OPS reports on original theoretical, experimental, numerical and applied research concerning plasma science in the broadest sense. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Plasma surface interaction, sheaths, sputtering and surface emission

    • Turbulence, instabilities and transport

    • Collisionless plasmas

    • Laser-plasma interaction, inertially confined plasma, relativistic plasma

    • Magnetically confined plasma

    • Plasma propulsion, plasma sources

    • Electrical discharges, dusty plasma, plasma diagnostics, plasma and processes

    • Plasma-liquid Interactions

    • High pressure plasma

    • Modeling and numerical simulations

    • Scientific instruments related to plasma science


    There is no cost whatsoever to both readers and authors. We are committed to fully respecting the principles of open science without jeopardizing the finances of authors and the institutions that employ them.

    We are committed to high standards of publication. Our international editorial board ensures that all submitted papers receive high quality feedback, chooses carefully the reviewers and allows them sufficient time to produce their report.

    Authors retain full copyright of their works, which are published under a standard open access license (CC-BY).

    Article types

    We welcome different submission types:

    • Letters: short articles of very high interest emphasizing recent and outstanding research results with a 4500 words limit without abstract and references (the word equivalent for figures is about 300 words and 15 words for single-line equations).

    • Regular article: research papers with no page limitation.

    • Topical reviews on proposal of the editorial board. No page limitation. 

    The journal also publishes periodically proceedings of international conferences. If you are a member of a steering committee please contact us at ops@episciences.org


    To submit an article, please go to the submission webpage.